Simply speaking...


I believe Art is a visual language of communication that is unlike any other in that by seeing it provokes your imagination and often times moves your emotions. Intriguing color combinations can sometimes cause people to spontaneously dance or sing and that is my hope with my work. I have found that people viewing my art with others often have a shared creative experience. People will point out things they see to each other and through a shared moment the piece sometimes inspires or enriches their lives. 
The combined elements of light, color and motion ignite my work. A passion for moving liquid color and early years as a printmaker have allowed for a freeform graphic style to emerge.
 Expressing joy and freedom is of primary importance to me. I seek to inspire the viewer’s imagination through painting various subjects. A dancer in flight surrounded by an energized luminous atmosphere, waves that are crashing releasing bubbles of intense color, or abstracts of saturated pigments piled one upon another.
By making marks using rubber erasers and tools, adding and subtracting vibrant color, pouring liquid paint, everything appears to be in motion.  My intention is that as one considers a piece they see something new in it every time.